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" a magazine for Me."

That is what God said to me spring of 1998

I was sat waiting on a client that was obviously not going to show, but the time of day meant fighting my way through traffic, so I thought I’d hold on a while and have a more pleasant drive home for my patience.

The room needed a bit of a tidy up and as I was squaring away some magazines the Lord spoke and said for me to read one. I protested, “Lord, you know how I feel about them.” Silence fell upon me as I attempted to out stare the highly polished sports car adorning the front cover of one of the magazines. Not wanting to be disobedient to Him, I decided to choose one that I knew would have a lot of advertising. As I came to the end of it, I carefully replaced it on the pile of ever aging publications, when He spoke again. “What did you think if it?” I was surprised at the question but answered it any way, “It was beautiful, with beautiful pictures, beautiful people.” As I got up to leave, He spoke again. “Are you criticizing?” My answer was immediate, “ No. I just don’t see the point in having a publication of things that are unattainable, unrealistic, fantasy ...” Then He said those 9 words that would alter the course of my life as a paradigm shift impinges on a world.

“I want you to design a magazine for Me.”

My response was involuntary, from the heart, and meaningful as I burst out laughing with these words flooding the room. “God, have You forgotten I’m dyslexic?” He wasted no time with His absolute and specific question.

“Julie, have you forgotten I am God?”


"From the first article I wrote to the last piece I just put together, I am passionate about it and want you to really enjoy reading it and learn whatever you need through it." FOUNDER - J. Grinnell

"We design from our heart to bring you a beautiful, interesting and challenging read." SENIOR DESIGNER - A. Love





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